Lead Programs

FREE T-65 Leads with phone numbers:
To qualify a GA must maintain at least two active Medicare Supplement appointments with IAD.

FREE pre-approach letters – All products:
Send to your existing clients for cross selling opportunities

Company Sponsored Lead Programs:

Insurance Advisors Direct-Lead & Marketing co-op program – This program is customizable by agent/agency, and product line. Call for additional details!

Washington National – After 5 submitted apps you will earn $150 toward you next discounted lead drop. Every 5 submitted/issued/placed pieces of business thereafter will earn an additional $150 toward your future discounted lead drops.

Standard Life & Accident – Every $5,000 of issued and paid premium, you will earn either a FREE 1,000 piece lead drop of your choice, or a list of 4,000 names.

Monumental Life/Transamerica – 1,000 piece Final Expense lead drop for $300. Contracted agents will be able to participate in a heavily discounted direct mail program.

Direct Mail:

Discounted Direct Mail Leads – All Product Lines
Cost: $400 - $500 per each 1,000 piece lead drop, which includes a FREE Lead Management Tool.

Seminar Mailers – No upfront cost…Pay per attendee – Call for details!

Internet Leads: New and Aged

New - Many product lines available – These have a cost range of $8 - $25 dollars depending on lead type and shared/exclusive status.

Aged - As little as $1 per aged internet leads – Call for details!

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